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Fresh Fire Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Have you ever watched a horse race? There’s nothing like it! But guess what? In order for the racing horse to stay focused and not get distracted, they have blinders on! Just as a horse needs blinders to stay focused to the finish line, we, as believers also need supernatural blinders to stay focused on God during our race of faith.

Journey with Todd Smith as he shares some profound revelation on how we can put on our supernatural blinders that will help us stay focused on God and win in the race of faith.

Let’s Go!


We want to make a very special announcement.  I have just published and released my very first book titled “Reflections of a Conqueror” by Sandra Benaglia Smith. 

This book has taken me years to write as it is a composite of my lifelong reflections of a life that was transformed through the power of God.  It carries the themes of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, reconciliation, and restoration after many losses in my life – be it in marriage, livelihood, health scares and even the untimely death of my eight-year-old child to cancer. Our world is facing many sudden changes that have left so many looking for answers and the Truth that only God can give.

“Reflections of a Conqueror” can be found on the following platforms:

Barnes and Noble

 Lulu Publishing 

Other Contact Information:

Sandra's Facebook: Sandra Benaglia Smith

Facebook: Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries



YouTube Channel: Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries

Instagram: @sandra_benaglia_smith