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Fresh Fire Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

God has wanted His children to walk in authority from the beginning of creation. He has never meant for us to back down in the face of the enemy’s threats over us. He has provided all that we need to move in our God given authority, but unfortunately many believers are not doing so, as they do not completely understand key that the Lord has given us. We are to have victory in every situation. Victory over an “already” defeated foe. When we rise up and take our rightful position, we will have victory over any hindrances that the enemy has placed in our path, whether physically or spiritually. As scripture states, “we are more than conquerors”. That was and is forevermore God’s plan for us! It is time for believers of Jesus Christ to rise up and move in our God-given authority as Priests and Kings as we enter into this new time and season.

Listen in as we journey together and take a hold of a powerful word that the Lord spoke to Todd Smith and as he releases a powerful teaching over your life so you can walk in the fullness of the authority that God has planned and purposed for you.